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Donate for Rifle Rated Vest Plates for IMPD 

Two years ago a child launched a fundraiser to purchase rifle rated vest plates for IMPD officers. That young man did an amazing job & his efforts put vest plates on at least one group of officers from one district. It's time the adults of Indianapolis step up and finish the job. 

After speaking with officers we've estimated approximately ‪1/10‬ of all IMPD officers have rifle rated vest plates for their ballistic vests. Our goal is to make these plates available to any officer in need of them. 

It's time for the Indianapolis community to come together and protect our IMPD Heroes!

Last year Indy Going Blue, Inc completed all the required paperwork & became a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Our Going Blue social media has expanded to over 85 more Going Blue FB, Twitter & Instagram accounts across the nation. Recently America Going Blue passed 225,000 followers. 

Our 2015 Blue Light Dinner raised over $10,000 for a paralyzed IMPD officer. This year we need everyone to be an InVestor in IMPD's officers. 

Be an InVestor in IMPD!

Plate the vest

of every chest

Please email Indy Going Blue, Inc board members ( for information on how to make tax-deductible donations.

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